Cleaning – spouts.

…P/f bowls nice and brassy, baskets, screens and blocks likewise – but spouts need attention soon!

So what’s the best way to clean p/f spouts? Get them off? If so, how? Wrestled with ours yesterday, and even though they’re almost new, they wouldn’t budge, and gave up for fear of breaking them..!  Might not be any easier unscrewed anyway. So perhaps leave them on, soak, and scrub with a spout brush? Boil in espresso detergent then scrub with a brush..? Green scourer pad in there somehow..?

5 Responses to “Cleaning – spouts.”

  1. james mcnally Says:

    You just need a mechanical advantage, to get the spout off. In other words, a lever.

    I slot a cone spanner into the double spout (the handle is the right thickness) and twist. If your spout has the drilled holes – maybe stick a long screwdriver (star/Phillips head) in there, and twist. Works well for us.

    • thebeanvagrant Says:

      I tried (albeit a bit lamely) with a screwdriver, and a pair of pliers at the time, to no avail. Might need to try that spanner, or a vice, or better screwdriver …if I can’t clean them still-on with detergent.

  2. blackmountainscoffee Says:

    Easy….just don’t clean it. It seems to work for so many out there.

    • thebeanvagrant Says:

      Yep, that does sound easier!
      Even if I got them off, it’d still be tricky to get them really clean inside. With a scourer, you can get the p/f brass nice n shiny in a few ticks, but getting a scouring pad into the spouts with the same force is probably impossible. Yet I doubt detergent and a brush will get them as clean as the rest of the inside of the p/f – but if the spouts aren’t as clean as the rest – why bother..?!
      Makes a good case to go completely naked, but we use single shots in our smalls, so need some split doubles available.

  3. thebeanvagrant Says:

    Ah – a solution! …at a cost:

    Or, more affordably (to continue answering my own question!), simply make sure to get that green scourer down into ‘the void’ vigorously by any means necessary!
    My resolution at the moment is to try to be a very fastidious cleaner with our new machine, despite the bemused and harrassed looks from the dozen or so other staff that use the machine without the same level of respect! 😉

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