When is 12oz not 12oz?

When it’s a takeaway cup, apparently!

We recently received my order for our nice new takeaway cups, at 4oz, 8oz and 12oz. It’s been a long time since I had much to do with takeaway cups, and when I last did, I probably wasn’t so concerned with volumes, ratios, etc. And so, whilst this is probably a common, universal issue, I was surprised when I measured the cups to note that the ’12oz’ cups actually measure nearly 16oz to the rim!!! Similarly the ‘8oz’ cups measure 10oz to the rim, whilst inexplicably, the 4oz cups are actually 4oz…

This doesn’t seem to be just some strange anomaly from a dubious source; these 12oz cups are exactly the same size as all the other ‘standard’  ’12oz’ paper cups you see from all the other popular, reputable sources. Yet, at about 420ml instead of the stated 340ml, there is a substantial and annoying discrepancy.

Needless to say, this has an impact on the desired espresso to milk ratios, and therefore, an impact on flavour. Why do the manufacturers feel the need to oversize disposable cups in this way? A little, I could understand, for ‘health and safety’ reasons, perhaps – but an extra 4 ounces  for a 12oz?! If you’re all about quality and flavour (and consistency of flavour throughout ‘in and away’), rather than the-bigger-the-better large cups, obviously this isn’t ideal. We will therefore be leaving a good gap at the top of the cup, in order to best preserve flavour (unless a customer feels they are being shortchanged, in which case we will ‘happily’ dilute their drink to the top with the leftover milk!). The frustrating aspect of this solution is that freepour latte art is made much harder!!

Hence, I will be looking to resolve this issue in the future! Is there a good UK source for takeaway cups at true sizes to the rim, that look good, are non-branded, and competitively priced?

nb – the new takeaway cups will be in operation when Gloria arrives. ETA: 24th Sept.

One Response to “When is 12oz not 12oz?”

  1. Youri Says:

    I notice this as well. Now I add water to the cup and weigh the amount of water. This is a very accurate weigh of finding out the sizes.

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