Lots happening at the plan cafe …soon!

With Gloria’s arrival becoming imminent (at the end of the month), it’s exciting times at the plan, and we’re also busy preparing lots of other little changes to to coincide with this, meaning the coffee offering will soon be more delicious, and more accessible!

We will be offering our espresso-based coffees to takeaway (properly now; with some new countertops and a collection area, cups, stirrers and everything!). Small, rich, flavoursome Flat Whites will be joining the menu officially (they’ve already been a favorite in-house and for a few regulars for some time).

At the heart of the changes will be Gloria herself, who will help us to produce much more consistently delicious espresso; getting the most from the wonderful, varied, fresh, craftroasted coffees that I will continue to use.

If you like your drinks full of flavorings and sweeteners and served in a massive bucket, then sadly you might be disappointed… But if you like lovely coffee that tastes of coffee, that’s naturally sweet and full of flavour, then hopefully you’ll be in for a treat!

Please bear with us during this time, as we fine-tune the new system, and all the new features; but it will be worth it – we aim for the end result to be increasingly fantastic-tasting coffees!

6 Responses to “Lots happening at the plan cafe …soon!”

  1. Youri Says:

    Great! I am still looking forward to meeting you next time I am in the area. Good to see Flat Whites will be on the menu.

  2. dale Says:

    what’s the big date? will def pop in to help christen some demi tasse!!!

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