Great espresso? …In Cardiff Bay?

Went down to the Mela in Cardiff Bay yesterday to visit the good folks of Colonna and Smalls on their mobile espresso bar, having been given a hot tip from Ed at Origin Coffee. I had a fantastic espresso; Origin’s current seasonal blend, prepared on the NuovaSim’s Aurelia, Compak grinder, and a bottomless double p/f. Sweet, clean and lush, with the Gethumbwini shining bright (but not overly bright!).

Headed by Maxwell (who originally trained in the thriving Melbourne coffee scene) and Leslie and Co, Colonna and Smalls are a great addition to the emerging speciality (real speciality!) espresso culture here in the UK. Friendly and approachable, yet displaying formidable espresso knowledge, a commitment to quality on every level, and that all important genuine enthusiasm for wonderful artisan coffee. Any barista who understands all the variables enough to recognise the fact that “a single second can make all the difference” when extracting each individual shot, and who can actually execute that level of skill, wins my respect, and admiration! If ever they come to a town near you, be sure to check out their coffee – you will not be disappointed! Thanks again for the coffee, guys.

2 Responses to “Great espresso? …In Cardiff Bay?”

  1. Hugo Says:

    Awesome, they’re going to be at the Dartmouth regatta at the end of the month…. and I’m there rowing! What a great way to re-charge between races!

  2. Trevor Says:

    Fantastic – you’ll go like a rocket! Good luck 🙂

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