New brew


I’ve tried my first cups of Aeropress coffee this weekend, after acquiring my latest coffee toy last week, and the reviews seem to be true: it’s a great little filter coffee maker!

The cup brewed in the pics below was very tasty: great balance, clarity of flavours, and really clean.

Other folks have written great guides to Aeropress brewing, which have helped me to use it with good results from the off (it’s own instructions are intriguing too…), so I won’t bother writing much, at least until I’ve practised with it more and have anything relevant to add. Therefore I’m just posting a sequence of a few pics of the press, and the brewing method I used today, in brief (nb: you don’t have to bother with the weighing and measuring bits, but it’s worth it!).

The Aeropress is really easy to use, but I have to admit, initial impressions are that it does seem a bit more fiddly than a cafetiere or single cup filter (and I don’t think I’ll be using it to make espresso, just yet!)… But it’s still quick, very easy to clean, and it delivers a very clean, delicious cup..!


…The inverted method


…Wet filter


…Lovely beans




…Freshly ground …reweighed …and dosed


…200ml fresh near-boiled water …cooled


…Add 1/3rd …stir well …10-20 secs dwell


…Add rest of water …bloom


…Pressed (20-30 secs) …top up …drink


…And finally …Your Aeropress cake!

(don’t be silly – it’s not for eating!)

4 Responses to “New brew”

  1. blackmountainscoffee Says:

    Inverted method?

  2. Trevor Says:

    Yep – the upside down way stops the coffee leaching through the filter before you’re ready to plunge – as demo’ed here by Tristan Stephenson:
    …and in these similar methods:


  3. blackmountainscoffee Says:

    Fair point. I’m off to play. I will check back with the results.

  4. blackmountainscoffee Says:

    Hi Trevor, tried it and it was much much better.

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