OMG! …Schomerblog!!

If you ever thought in recent times *I wonder what David Schomer’s up to these days?*, after he seemed to have virtually disappeared from the web-radar, then wonder no more – the mighty Schomer has a brand new blog!!!! 😀 Happy days.

David Schomer’s a legend in the world of coffee, as we all know. I’m sure there are many other baristas out there who, like me, can attribute (to some greater or lesser extent) his inspiring writing on the subject as being one of the initial catalysts for their love of the world of espresso.

Perhaps he’s not perceived as being as innovative and cutting edge as universally as he was 10 years ago. His truths may not always be the only truth. Some may find his style of presentation too ‘romantic’, on occasion (can you be too romantic?), and some may not regard him with the outright reverence that others do.

But few can deny his status is iconic in the land of ‘spro, and not without good reason. He was an early and pioneering proponent of the holy grail that is temperature stability for espresso machines, and was rocking a PID pimped Linea way back around the turn of the millennium. No doubt his involvement with PID, and very public support of this technology, has contributed to the fact that many of the high-end, state of the art machines coming out in recent years now incorporate these features. The remarkable extent of his achievements are referenced in brief on Espresso Vivace’s Wikipedia page.

He writes about the subtleties of espresso technique in a way that makes sense, and which is also approachable and endearing. Crucially, it also makes you want to try out the theories, and learn more! He’s a fountain of knowledge, and I for one will be keeping a keen eye on his posts in the hope of gleaning some gems of wisdom!

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