Short double – success!

I’m the first to criticise my own coffee. Many of my espressos come with an apology attached (even if it’s not always spoken), because I’m aware that the espressos I serve are not always as stunning they could be, and can often even be well below par (see earlier post!). I can’t fault the beans themselves, which are now all wonderful and capable of great beauty, and so any blame lies either at my/our door in the preparation, the door of equipment used for this, or some combination of both.

BUT! Every so often there are little triumphs, and a fortuitous combination of great beans, the preparation, temperature, grind, dose, luck, and magic, allows me to achieve some really special espresso on our old machine – and I encountered one this morning! I made a very ristretto double (at about 1.1oz and 28 seconds) with some of the increasingly famous, new season El Salvadorian Finca La Fany. It was sweet-bright-sparkly-zingy-syrupy-clean-juicy chocolate-berries – wow!!!!

lafany a

lafany bb

I’m not saying it was ‘perfect’, by any means. The impression for me was more that it was simply a syrupy, really sweet ristretto that was largely as it should be – practically free from the flaws of brewing that can so often shadow or distort a coffee. Great beans; allowed to show their magical potential unhindered. Shots like this are probably quite commonplace for those who prepare their espresso skillfully with great equipment, and there is, no doubt, a whole level above and beyond this of truly stellar perfection. However, for me, currently, even achieving espresso as nice as this one doesn’t come easily (it feels like something of a battle!), but the rewards are really inspiring.

It’s very exciting to think that our espresso could be like this (and even better!) all the time soon, with new state-of-the-art machinery (hopefully) in the pipeline..!

Don’t get me wrong. We use great coffee at the cafe, and every shot is carefully hand-prepared by myself or the team. I’ve introduced a lot of measures to try to help the espresso be as good as it can be, which are likely to exceed what the many other cafes have in place , so I guess the standard is probably quite high already, to be fair. But I can be a bit of a picky perfectionist, and am always very aware (as best I’m able to be) of the prepared coffee’s failings – and I aspire to continually raise the bar, and improve what we are able to serve…

I’m confident that new, temperature stable, modern machinery will allow us to offer you more consistently gorgeous espressos and cappuccinos …soon!

lafany c

(Ok – I know there’s some channeling showing on the pour, and some blonding showing on the shot. I know not everyone likes their espresso so ristretto. I know I’m still (always) learning what a great shot is, and comparing these little successes with shots that are probably very mediocre by some people’s standards. But, for me, this was lovely…)

I was going to title this post ‘Syrupy La Fany’, and really struggled to think of anything wrong with that. But instead went for the above.

One Response to “Short double – success!”

  1. Youri Says:

    Nice one, that is exactly how I drink my espressos whenever I can. It brings out a lot of the coffee out in the drink. Not always a preference for adding milk but as a shot is definitely very interesting!
    Nice blog!

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