Congratulations (again!) to Gwilym!!

Gwilym Davies of the UK has won finals of the World Barista Championships in Atlanta! This is especially amazing news, as this is the third year running that London-based Square Mile Coffee Roasters have roasted the winning blend; giving two wins for the UK, and one for Ireland.

Gwilym’s set (seems to take a while to load …be patient!).

This can only be a good thing for coffee in our part of the world. Given that this is all part of a relatively small, but growing, movement of people passionate about great coffee in the UK, it should help to sustain and further promote the cuisine. It’s great to think the UK is able to be at the forefront of developing this, and it’s really inspiring, optimistic news for all of us who strive to produce the very best coffee we can day-in, day-out. Hopefully this news will also continue to filter down not just to those in the speciality coffee world, but to (normal!) people on the street – helping to make them increasingly aware of what a delicious, diverse and  magical thing coffee can actually be, and of the skill and devotion that can be involved in bringing the best from plant to cup..!

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