A good (but not god) shot from the Pavoni!

I was playing around with my signature drink recipe at home yesterday for which I needed some espresso, and actually managed to get a couple of nice shots from the Europiccola! I don’t know if it was the bean type, the freshness of the coffee, or whether I’m just getting the hang of this temperamental machine… I used some Kenyan Muburi Estate from jamesgourmetcoffee, which isn’t even really targeted towards espresso but which worked really well. It wasn’t perfect by any means, but was a distinct success compared to many of my other attempts with the Pavoni, and which gave me renewed hope that with the right variables this tricky machine could make great espresso!



…It’ll take a bit more practice with the Europiccola before I can get as nice a shot as I got with a fresh batch of Monmouth espresso today at the plan though!


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