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The perfect twin for the Amalfi?

August 9, 2008

I’m afraid it’s just more paraphernalia porn at the moment – no coffee!


My espresso cups for the competitions arrived yesterday (3oz/80ml), and I was really pleased that they were such a perfect match for my Nuova Point Amalfi cappuccino cups – despite being from a totally different source. They’re an almost identical style and thickness, and the search seems to have been successful!


(Next to the Amalfi cup)

To most people all these shots of cups, etc, will no doubt seem bizarre, but to the true fellow coffeegeek, all these little details matter, and may well be of interest or use – and that’s why they’re here! Just as some chefs will probably rave about Henckels, Sabatier, Le Creuset, etc, us coffee obsessed baristi can tend to get quite excited when it comes to Nuova Point, Reg Barber, Motta, and so on (sad, I know!).

…Speaking of Mottas, in hindsight, I’ve decided the .75 litre pitchers would have been better for competition cappuccinos – the one litre is just a tad bigger than would be ideal – but I’m not about to spend another £50 on two more! They’re still great, and will be fine for this year …Unless anybody out there wants to do swap?!

Recent chocolate tasting and recipe practice.

August 9, 2008