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Goodbye Cardiff! (…but I’m still here!)

January 24, 2008


Happy new year to everyone (or anyone) who actually reads this thing!

This largely caffeine-free post is a one-off departure from my usually strictly coffee-related offerings, in order to make excuses for my absence of late. I have been utterly swamped by combined house move and wedding preparations (not to mention honeymoon and Christmas). I have now moved to the airier and more sedate climbs of Caerphilly, but still work in Cardiff at The Plan. Things have been mighty busy, and the wedding’s only a week away, as we frantically try to retrieve our belongings from a mountain of boxes!

When things are a little more tranquil, I will be sure to post something about the Pavoni, which is now fully paraphernalia-ised, with a Rancillio Rocky, a 49.2mm new Reg Barber tamper base, a 0.6L pitcher, and some lovely beans, courtesy of Will Thornborough and James’s Gourmet Coffee! Only problem is the damn thing’s still boxed-up!! (yeah, OK; I’m just not dedicated enough!)

I hope to widen and intensify my relationship with coffee this year, but first I have the small issue of a wedding to attend to, and an appointment with a Costa Rican beach!

 Cheerio for now.