Tulip, Tulip, Hurray! (…sorry, that’s terrible)

It’s been a while since I’ve taken any photos of my latte art, and I’ve been giving tulips some attention over the last few weeks, so I thought it was high time to take some pictures. I poured these four 6oz lattes in a row one afternoon this week, and snapped each one.


    nov-tulip1.jpg       nov-tulip3.jpg       nov-tulip2.jpg 

I’ve invested so much dedication and devotion in an attempt to master great, single rosettas over the last two years (an ongoing process!), and I recently decided that I needed to get to get to grips with tulips as well. They are probably just as hard as rosettas, but if you can pour nice hearts (easy!) and good rosettas – you can pour tulips. I still think great rosettas are the most challenging and rewarding though – somehow the balance and symmetry is of the utmost importance for them to work really perfectly. My tulips are still not great – they need a lot of fine-tuning – but after a little practice, I think I’ve cracked the basics.

Recently though, I’ve been becoming increasingly aware that good latte art is easy compared to making consistently good espresso, and that the former is not necessarily indicative of the latter. My espresso ability is constantly (if slowly!) improving, and I’m increasingly mindful of the overall quality in the cup – especially the most difficult, complex and important element – the espresso itself.

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