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WORLD Barista Champion: James Hoffmann for the UK – Yeaaayy!!

August 2, 2007

For anybody that doesn’t yet know, James Hoffmann has just bagged the 2007 world title for himself (and all of us here in the UK!), at the WBC finals over in Tokyo.

I can’t say I’m surprised – he’s a legend and truly deserves the title. His presentation was absolutely superb – it’s hard to imagine him giving himself any more work to do in the allotted time, whilst executing the routine with an effortless and supremely professional air: outstanding!  I dread to think how many hours of practice must have gone into delivering the performance with such a controlled sense of ease – it’s hard to believe that this guy doesn’t work as a barista in a day-to-day cafe environment when you see how at home he is in the role. But I guess that’s partly why he’s so good at the comps – the sheer diversity of locations and coffees he works with give him the ability to perform in any setting. His vast coffee/espresso knowledge, passion and skill all shone through, tempered by an enthusiastic yet humble attitude.

Can this really be his last competition?! If it’s true, what a fantastic way to exit.

The sig drink looked and sounded wonderful – to hear it described verges on the ridiculous, but seeing James make it, you can imagine that it was infact delicious; ingenious, yet grounded by a solid awareness of taste combinations.

A great day for coffee, espresso and baristas – especially here in the UK!   

…Watch the video!