Where does all the time go …?


I really will get around to writing a new post soon (hopefully more positive than the last one!), but at the moment time seems pretty limited. I’m pretty busy organising our wedding at the moment amongst other things, and I think there’s only so much neglect due to my passion for coffee that my long suffering fiancee will put-up with – so I need to limit my time on the site!

In the meantime, I strongly recommend this wonderful book by Stewart Lee Allen.

Basically, it’s kind of travel-writing/history that’s all about coffee. This guy, bitten by the coffee bug, takes it upon himself to traverse the globe, following coffee’s humble and often debated chronology and geography from Ethiopia, through the port of al-Makkha (or Mocha), the Middle East and India, to various parts of Europe and finally the modern-day West (although I’ve not quite got that far yet).

It’s a great read, well written, with lots of unusual and fascinating encounters, anecdotes, and factual tit-bits. The casual yet dedicated and perseverance of Allen throughout his often arduous journey is quite astonishing!

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