Hope for my little tree!

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Fantastic weather here at the moment! (we don’t tend to see a huge amount of sun in Wales, so we get quite excited when it comes out) We spent the day exploring some the beautiful Welsh coastline here between Cardiff and Swansea.



 Maybe the unseasonably warm temeratures are another sign of global warming, but I’m hoping it will mean a new lease of life for my ailing arabica tree. I was given it in November 2006 and it has struggled all through the winter, with the tips growing healthily, but the bigger leaves always dying-off. I know it’s not exactly native to Wales, but I believed it would be alright as a houseplant …I’m guessing the temperatures at night still drop a bit too low for it during the winter months though. Maybe it would benefit from a little plant food, and if the temperatures keep on rising, I’ll still be hopeful for a bumper crop of cherries …albeit maybe not in 2007! Or ever. 

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